Day 1 - 16 August 2011 (Tuesday)

Number Pages in Lab Book

Completion Check: 8/18 (Thursday)

Due Date: 8/26 (Friday)

Number the pages in the top outside corner of your lab book, numbering the front and back of each page.
  1. Start in the upper right hand corner of the first page after your table of contents. Label that page ‘1’.
  2. Turn the page and write ‘2’ in the upper left hand corner of the back of page 1.
  3. Follow the same pattern on the next blank page until you have numbered all the pages in your lab book.

Day 2 - 18 August 2011 (Thursday)

Body Cavity Illustrations

Completion Check: 8/22 (Monday)

Due Date: 8/26 (Friday)

Using what you learned about body cavities today in class, draw the figure below in your lab book and label the cavities correctly.


Day 3 - 22 August 2011 (Monday)

Homeostasis HomeworkCompletion Check: 8/24 (Wednesday)

Due Date: 8/26 (Friday)

Starting with the heading “Characteristics of Life” on page 6 of your text, read until the end of page 9 and then answer the following questions:
1.Which physical and chemical events constitute metabolism?
2.Which requirements of organisms does the external environment provide?
3.What do you think the relationship between oxygen use and heat production is within the body?
4.Why is homeostasis so important to survival?
5.A stressor is anything that is able to effect the body’s ability to maintain homeostasis. List 3 possible physical stressors and 3 possible emotional stressors.

Day 4 - 24 August 2011 (Wednesday)

Study for Exam next class period!